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Power System Sales

Professional Services
Engineering and Development Consultants. Project Management.

Electrical Contracting
Construction and Maintenance Services. Residential, Commercial & Industrial Electrical Wiring.

Wind Resource Data Acquisition and Windfarm Equipment


  • All Star Electric offers professional consulting services & design engineering, project management, & resource development; specializing in on-site electrical power supply systems.
  • Evaluate the site for the availability of solar and wind energy.
  • Compile a load analysis and analyze the selection of energy efficient appliances.
  • Aid the decision making process for the consideration of the power system options which are: utility supplied power, gas generator power, or solar (photovoltaic) &/or wind electric power.
  • Evaluate the power system options and select the power system with the most long term economic benefits.
  • Design, procure, install your residential, commercial, or industrial power system.


All Star Electric designs & builds Solar, Wind, & Hybrid Residential, & Commercial, & Industrial Power Supply Systems; from the preliminary assessment to final system adjustments. Contact All Star Electric at (505) 856-1010 to request a proposal.

This wind turbine was purchased by a nuclear power facility.All Star Electric