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Wind Resource Data Acquisition and Windfarm Equipment


All Star Electric's Wind Resource Data Acquisition and Windfarm Equipment

All Star Electric Company (ASEC) works with various wind power applications, from individual homes, farms and ranches to full-blown windfarms.

Resource identification is an important design tool that enables us to project annual wind generator output and to specify the best equipment for your site and your needs. Good information leads to good design.

Flagged foliage is an indicator of high predominant winds and demonstrates a high potential for electrical generation with a wind generator. Other sites are promising, but may not be as well indicated. Wind data is available for popular sites, however, since each site is unique, data gathering is typically required. To be the most thorough, a year of wind data is desired.

Our data acquisition options come in a variety of levels depending upon your need:

For the do-it-yourselfer, our low-tech option is the use of a Weather Wizard anemometer. While we are most interested in wind speed and direction, the Weather Wizard will also indicate inside temperature; high, low and current outside temperature; wind chill; and, with the optional rain collector, rainfall. After installation of the hardware, the user would manually check data several times a day. These anemometers are enjoyable and informative!

For those with a PC or Macintosh computer, Weatherlink software can be added. With a serial port, Weatherlink can be set to download, automatically or on-demand, the Weather Wizard data for statistical tracking. It is economical, dependable and fun!

The EZ Mount version of the Weather Wizard comes pre-assembled with galvanized steel mounting pole and radiation shield. It can be mounted up to 100’ (30 m) from an electrified shelter. Add the optional galvanized steel tripod for even easier installation.

A wireless version comes with transmitter and receiver. The transmitter uses 900 MHz low-power radio waves; no FCC license required. The typical range is 100’ to 400’ (30 m to 120 m), depending upon the structural features of the building. AC power adapters can be used for the transmitter and receiver/console or 3-volt lithium battery for transmitter (up to 6 months). Solar-powered stations include pre-installed solar panel, regulator circuit, and rechargeable battery. For distances up to one and a half miles (two and a half kilometers) or to improve reception in troublesome areas, add one to eight AC or solar-powered Wireless Repeaters.

For remote locations or for heavy-duty industrial meteorological stations for potential windfarm development, we offer installation of the TallTower system. The integrated functionality of the light-weight tower (up to 50 meters), sensors, data loggers and software provide complete compatibility and ensure that your data is being collected and protected. The towers are easy to install (no concrete foundation needed). The sensors, an anemometer and a wind direction vane, provide many years of accurate measurements without maintenance or calibration. Two software programs gather and provide reporting capability: While data can be collected manually, one program downloads the data to computer serially or through cellular or telephone lines; it is also used to update logger parameters including averaging intervals and call scheduling. A separate program manages the downloaded data and provides report generation in graphical format. The entire system provides total control and complete flexibility.

Regardless of the application, the use of statistical tracking technology is recommended previous to and after the installation of a wind generator.

Once wind data has been gathered and analyzed, ASEC will propose a system suitable to your location and needs.

Call us to discuss your particular situation and site! We’ll be happy to arrange a site visit and provide you with a proposal.

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