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Initial Project Questionairre

If you are interested in utilizing our products or services on a commercial or residential project, use this form to submit a request for proposal. Your request will be processed & you will receive a reply promptly via phone or email.






What is the application?

Where is the location? (slope of land, trees, obstructions, etc.)

 Solar access? Wind access? Please describe.

Is a floorplan available? 

What is the square footage? (attached garage &/or shop)  

How many people live or work in the building?

During what hours is the building used?

Does the building have space heating? What kind?
 Wood Stove  Passive Heat  Gas  Electric
 Other. (Please describe)

Does the building require air conditioning? What kind?
 Central AC Window

Cooking facilities?
 Gas.  Electric

Water Heating?
 Other. (Please describe)

Is water pumped on site? What is the well depth?

Other big loads:

Laundry  gas  electric

Refrigeration  gas  electric

Shop &/or garage loads. Please specify:

How far along is the project?

What existing equipment does the site have?